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Fri, 05 Jul



Foundations | An Experiential Cleanse 3 Day Retreat

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Time & Location

05 Jul 2024, 10:00 – 07 Jul 2024, 15:00


About This Ceremony

At CAIM, we hold a profound belief in the power of nutrition as a key modality for healing the body, mind and spirit. Our perspective on fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and herbs go beyond their role as mere food; we regard them as transformative medicines. While practices like breathwork, meditation, yoga, cold water therapy and plant medicines offer significant healing benefits, we firmly believe the foundation of optimal well-being truly lies in a trouble maker free clean, nurturing diet.

The most potent healing agents are often hidden within the foods we consume. Mother Nature has intricately laced our natural food sources with extraordinary healing properties. However, when we deviate from consuming these foods in their natural form and distance ourselves from nature's bounty, we risk diminishing our connection to these vital healing energies. At CAIM, we aim to realign those who join us with these natural, nourishing food sources, restoring balance and well-being.

This is no ordinary detox retreat but an experiential learning program. We will be connecting you to the most powerful healing dietary protocols in existence, which have the ability to not just prevent and reverse illness and disease but can guide you to a state of inner balance and harmony, body mind and spirit. At CAIM we believe in the innate healing potential of the human body. When the body is adequately supported with exactly what it needs it has the ability to purge the health destroying environmental poisons and pathogens from every cell and organ.

Foundations will empower you with the worlds most powerful healing information setting you on the path to achieve radiant health supporting you to reach your highest potential. Join us at the end of this month at CAIM for this inaugural retreat, where we don't just teach detoxification – we live it.

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